Happy Birthday lil’ sis

Happy 24th birthday lil sissy..
oh dear, now u are already 24, that means i will be ur 26 young years sis 😦
time flies so fast, is used to remember we doing cat fight for a cute note paper,
or when u always bugging me everytime i wanted to playdate with another schoolmate.
There’s also times when u collecting cute erasers, hello kitty, but you know
we never had a ‘uang saku’ so we always saves our money from chinese new year, 
to spend it with our favorite things 🙂
Off course i haven’t forget how you ‘malakin’ me to keeping my secret : my 2 weeks boyfriend at junior high school.. oh my, u were like mafia back then hahaha i’m so relief when i can tell the truth to mom and dad, after 2 years cannot sleep because of you hahahaha : lebaaaaay
You are my little sis, and always be, i’ll always keeps in my heart how much you love me, how many times you stood for me every time i got bullied, how many times you forgave me for ruin ur hello kitty stuff :p 
My lil sissy, i feel like its still yesterday, when last year we celebrate your bday with spontanious cake bread, eating bakmi garing, being detective to knew who sent you flowers..This year, our first year celebrating bday not together 😦 
dear sis, i hope in upcoming years we could celebrate bday together, hopefully next year will be better than this year, and lets celebrate a proper bday 🙂 i love you sissy, thanks for being my great and pedit liltte sister hahahahhaa muaaaach
ur young sister 😉

marathon birthday.. Happy birthday DAD :)

Happy birthday daddy..
Thank u for being a great daddy for me..
Thank u for being a good husband for my mom..
Thank u for every books u gave me from still a little girl until me become a bride-to-be..
Thank u for loving me and always smle for me.. in my bad times, u always there, in my good times, u always cherish me..
Thank u daddy, eventhough u didnt gave all the blings, but u teach me somehow to respect life not from blings, but from heart..
Thank you God for sending me become a part of my family

proud daughter,
me chan