Happy Fundoshi Day! May your whities be tightie in all the right places!

Interestingggg 😀
Klo me sama tonce bilangnya celdam sumo hahahaha..

Eniwei..kalo salah satu cita2 tonce adalah pengen pacar yang mana sekarang jadi istri foto pake kimono, kayanya tega ya kalo in return me minta tonce nyobain fundoshi ini hahahaha.. *supaya sah ngaku2 kesengsem budaya jepang 😆


On this day last year, we announced that 14 February was from then to be known as Fundoshi Day. With that grand statement made we waited a whole year for all you readers to go out and by some fundoshi, old-fashioned loincloths to help us again put the “fun” in Fundoshi Day (fun-do-shi = 2-10-4 in Japanese) this year.

And let me guess, you aren’t wearing your fundoshi, are you? Sigh… Alright, we’re patient people, so let us explain again why the fundoshi is the superior choice in underwear.

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