Our new family member :)


I am the newest member of this little family.. i was lost! Well actually i was ran away from my previous home..while in my run, i was found by my mommi’s neighbour aka daddy’s friend.

That om-om caught me, & put me on a fruit container..suddenly i saw a tante tante running so fast and scream. Nah thats my mommi, she’s so excited seing me, a very cute bunny, rite?

Om om told my daddy that i ran away again from a house next to my daddy place and would return me the next morning since its already 10pm. Daddy looked at me and said to mommi : okay, lets keep this bunny at our home for tonite, so mean if we let it outside. And mommi cheering woohoo..

Mommi was so happy, cuddled me then fed me sawi. Oh maii mommi knew me best, i was so hungry after had a great adventure running around this big parking lot. Mommi said that im so lucky not being bite by cat. A lot of cat here..fiuhh

Oh i am so happy, daddy also keep feeding me hehehe daddy said im so greedy, eating all the sawi he gave me 😉


Then yesterday, daddy came to my old house, told my previous owner that daddy had found me, but daddy then get annoyed when he found out that my previous owner didnt care i’ve lost. So daddy said, if they didnt want to take care of me, my daddy will 🙂

So now, mommi and daddy thinking hard, what should they named me?

Mommi really confused now since mommi also once have 20 bunnies before ( now only 2 left,one almost 5,5 yo the other one which looks like me almost 2 yo.. others been adopted, some also died in old age ). Mommi ran out of idea for my name.


I think i am a bunny boy. Mommi cant tell since im too small. Probably only 1 or 2 months old. Im so naughty, i already pee on mommi room, shoe rack and pooping around the house. Now daddy punish me on the bathroom hahahaha


Well mommi said i looks like mommi’s bunny name kelly, mommi also said i look a bit with sentaro. So mommi still dunno what to called me, any idea friends?


Anyway it is very nice to have chance to know you guys.. now im going to eat again.. dunno why, but i always feels hungry.. bye bye all


10 thoughts on “Our new family member :)

    • himerin says:

      Ngurusnya sih mirip klo urus dogi mel.. bs u ajarin poo n pee dimana, poopnya kecil2 kaya kerikil jd lebih ga geli bersihinnya hehehe plus hening, kelinci ga ada suaranya :p .. td nama pucca udah me ajukan 😀

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