Thank you tonce for a being a great spouse along this year. Im really grateful.
For every happiness you gave, silly dances to make me laugh everyday, for a goodnite kiss a night,
for every smile :), three morning kisses, at least 4 hugs a day, a shoulder to cry on,
ate all my failed cake made, cheer me up when i’m down,
praise me a good wife everytime i clean up the house, 😀 then angry of me coz then i ‘m too tired and u finished all the cleaning things.
For insisted having a maid but i dont want thou. For never complaining when i burnt a bit ur meal, or when it is too salty.
Thank you thank you.

Grow old with me, tonce. The best is yet to be 🙂

ps for tonce : okey it’s a deal hadiah2 kemarin me anggap sebagai hadiah natal+anniversary+new year. Tapi jangan termasuk hadiah imlek ya *kedipkedip*..

5 thoughts on “16.12.2012

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