11 Months mrs.Tonce

how time Flies?????

2 years and 8 months ago, tonce bended on his kness, surprise me before with a little note on our 3rd annviversary dinner, exactly on my choco melt dessert. It was on a little envelope with his handwritting. Then as he bended, showing me that little blue box, the guitar+violin player played instrumental ‘First love’ song 🙂 Shocked, not a clue he would proposed me that night 🙂 i was liked.. errr

me : silly! what are u doing?? get upppp hurryy, people watching..
tonce : *laughing but nervous* well yank, will you marry me? *grinning*
me : yes yes offcourse.. but get uppppp! *holding back my tears
tonce : why u ruin the romantic moment with saying me silly??
me: i dunno, i just so confused how to react LOL

as Whitney cumming said “Proposals involve everything that guys hate…jewelry and effort.”
Indeed tonce would never forgive forget how his future wife ruins his once in a lifetime effort moment hahaha

Oh yess i still remember clearly how the next two weeks i keep smiling and grining everytime i looked at my ring *silly me* then how i cried when accidentally i scrathed it 😦

Looking back a year ago, at this time i was crazy prepared those invitations, coordinated vendors, packed my things for moving here and went to jember for Licu’s wedding * yeaaah now licu already nursing her little Emma*

Now, we are in a confused state of mind for deciding what to do on our first anniversary 😀 hmmm sure have to be celebrate since this first year goes thrilling like a roller coaster.

Whooo said marriage is EASY?? it is not! but Thank God i have a great spouse. Great in term : we are good in communicate, literaly in everything? maybe because we came from a good friends 🙂 we could just stay at home cuddling then chatting gossiping then laughing out our silly stuff, or just sit back snacking french fries watching walking dead, whitney, korean drama, etc. 

Off course it might be hard to do when in time we will be parents, but we just want to enjoy everything we have right now :). Yes we’re not yet can afford a homey home or another car for us here, a simple daily life, but we do enjoy it all. I do cherish every moment i’m with you tonce. One more month, we will passes this first year hopefully smooth, happily like we always do. Looking on the good side, we manage to passed all those problems, those tears, sleepless nights, were soon to be replaced.


6 thoughts on “11 Months mrs.Tonce

    • himerin says:

      hehehe kayanya sih ga mau, surat aja udah ga pernah nulis lagi..dulu setahun pertama jadian tonce tulisin me surat tiap hari.. sekarang.. katanya uda ketemu orangnya tiap hari :p

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