July ends.. Welcome August

Officially 26 ++ now, makes me think a lot..
what will i feel one day, reviewing my life until 26 years, at least my last 25 to 26 young years old.

Things change A LOT :
1. i am wifey now.
2. currently with one husband *how many u wants emangyaaaaa, minta di kepret kolor sama tonce*
3. moved out from BOJONG ( setelah dari lahir tinggal disono )
4. learnt a little hokkian now
5. apparently i can bake a cupcake :))
6. having my first mini carpet
7. finally, have a car, thanks GOD, never crossed my mind before we can afford a car 🙂 (di jakarta, sambil derita nyicil 4 tahun kedepan..)
8. a lot of travelling ( for me its a lot if compare with years before, i never go anywhere) : Tidung, KL, Bali, KL,Osaka, Kyoto, Penang, Spore, JAKARTA ( iya jakarta masuk list travelling sekarang T.T)
9. no longer working with office hour. able to set my own time to ‘work’ 🙂
10. having no paycheck (T.T)
11. really depends on TIKI JNE for supplying things from jakarta..
12. ah, and able to have some time to do my fav things : Scrapbooking

So now i need to push my self better :), i have a lot spare time to do things im not able to before, like :
been searching for beautiful flower seeds, hopefully i have ‘cold hand’ to do gardening 🙂
2. Baking baking and baking.. especially making Macaroon
need to learn how to make macaroon.. tried once and failed hahahaha malah berasa kaya semprong macaroon nya.. (-.-“)
3. planning Lebaran Project
collect all my spirits to success this Lebaran cake project..
hopefully i can make an income from my new baking love. saving for our next trip plan 🙂

and HELLOW AUGUST. Please be super nice to me 🙂

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