Thank you mommy and daddy,
i love you both so much..
valendud tralala trilili.. will miss u so much..
taken by : Ayu 🙂
Where? : room 2115 at Sheraton Bandara Hotel
When? : waiting for the groom to knock knock 😀
newlywed room : 1201 🙂
SAHHH !! :* :*
Where? : Santo Thomas Rasul Church
with Romo Gilbert. K 🙂
officialy Tonce’s Spouse :))
Thank you God, i had the best day so far in my life :))
Counting every bless i have :*

4 thoughts on “16.12.2011

    • himerin says:

      thanks 🙂
      iya beda, abisnya udah terlanjur pesen buat pemberkatan aja jadi pinginnya lengan panjang, eeh baru perubahan rencana mertua mau ada resepsi, mo batalin bikin ya ga enak hehehe

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