24 :*

happy 56th monthversary tonce..
me miss you so much..
its our last monthversary,next month will be proudly as your wife 🙂
cant wait..but also feels too fast..too many things too,too little time darling..
its been quite hard to do all of these without you accompany me.

today will submit severral paper to complete visa needs, hopefully our visa will be approved soon
missing you badly tonce..

and oh! today also the wedding day of ibas and aliya ( son of sby ) loving their prewed pic so mucccch

me chan

*eh senangnya.. pulang kantor dapet bunga hihihihiii kirain masa pengiritan nih, uda brapa lama ga dikasih hikkkss dalam rangka tgl 24 maksudnya..

Hello :) thank you for reading..

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