sweet weekend with people i love

had dinner (sekalian food test ;p) wif mom,dad,vlen,Tony,tony’s mom,c yenti, cc ciusia and off course lil cayla
too bad koko n cc vita + lil sheren cant joined us that night.
15.10.2011 dating day @ ex wif tony..
watching xxi, have a light lunch at The playground,chit chatting, holding hands..
just enjoying our little weekend 🙂
tony got blowjob :p , me got zabaglione and a bully ice tea for us 😉
katsutii…. love it so much.. sampe rebutan makan sama tony 😀
egg in the holeeeee..
then we go to febrina wedding 🙂 she was looking gorgeous as always..
after a long marathon all the day, me,tony,me mom n dad also vlen had a superb delicious dinner at Paradise dynasty, Plaza Senayan
too bad i didnt take a pic at febrina wedding..
16.10.2011 @ livingworld had a good lunchie
wif tony family..again koko n ci vita cant joined us..
livingworld 16.10.2011

uda lama ga photobox jadi menggila gaya nya hahahaha..
kangen kangen kangen kangen *alaylebaymenggebu.. hiksss

me missing all the sweet moments last weekend..


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