Pre-wed photo album

 me ,my mom,ayu (my bridemaids) went to see the design for the pre-wedding pictures, well ayu also needs to ‘nunjuk dan pilih’ her gowns. Tony cannot come since he still di rantau prapat nun jauh disana *sorry for my bad english tp masih sok sok-an pake english :p
its began with 🙂 and ended with a :((

There were a lot of unecesary words and paragraph, too much clip arts and non matching elements and im sorry for being too demanding ya di desainnya..

actually the photos it self already gorgeous but the design was far from my high expectation.

Feeling like i am a mean girl since i asked so much  to revise, brasa ya booo, biasa klo ngedesain trus disuruh revisi byk krn unclear wants diawal order, haiyaa berasa kenapa me pasrah aja sih awalnya, hrsnya lgsg bawel i dont want looking tacky,want it gorgeous but also cute yet not childish..

banyak maunya ya saya.. 

smoga hasil akhirnya bagus ya..
me chan

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