KL flash backpackers trips 6-8 agustus 2011

kesampean juga tahun ini go abroad, setelah gagal ke sing juli kemarin.. pdhl tiket udah di tangan hiks hiks
Thank you to cc xinsia, who gave us these ticket.. for me, tonce and valen.. unfortunately, only me n cc can go this time

onboard 🙂
candy store di KL sentral terminal
di depan bank apa gitu.. ternyata kita foto dibawah twin tower..
ada yg jualan duren depan hostel woot woot..
morning snack 🙂
genting resort
bakut teh for lunchie 🙂

cable car to and from genting..so higgggh

last dinner at Megamall KL 😀
searching for sleeping pose di bandara hahahahaa

 Happy ( extremely happy), extremely tired hahahaha.. oh dear cc, we should do this often, minus sleeping on airport couch and heavy pia as souvenir ya hahahahaha

me chan

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