everything will be alright

cici Xinsia is tonce’s cousin.. i consider her as my own big sister.
She is lovable,bubbly and a caring person.
a few weeks ago she change her profile pic on her bbm to this..

so i text her n asked what happen?was she okay, would she like to share.. n she repplied.. its okay, her husband, ko anton, got ill at medan, doctor said his liver swelling.. but overall he is fine, just need some rest..

until in the 1st of june, i heard cici will go to medan, i thought because this week we had national holiday, so she want to visit her husband.
so, i text her again asking.. her status on messenger made me worry, she wrote : Pray and Hope..
she replied me in the next day, she said, she is at the airport, going to take koko see doctor at Penang.. so i replied her to take care and hoping everything will be alright.

Yesterday, from my office, we ( me, my mom, auntie and ayu ) went to Puri mall, just for window shopping and killing my boreness at home. When tony called me, he was sound very careful, i asked him what happened?
and he said ” ko anton passed away..”

i was stung. holding CK shoe on my other hand.. i couldn’t say anything.. i put down the shoe,take a deep breath, i said my first question : ” how come?..”
tony said he didn’t know, he also still couldn’t call cici,, her phone shut down..
i feel like.. i couldn’t say anything to cici, i hope i was there hugging him..

ci, when u r home and crying.. i’ll hug you and say.. everything will be alright. i love u cici

my deepest condolence, Rest in peace koko..
me chan


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